Flexible Feet Facts

While being flexible is usually considered to be a desirable trait, when it comes to your feet having flexible arches can lead to a basketful of other problems over time. Your feet are considered to be flexible if your arches disappear upon weight bearing, and return when you pick your feet up. Due to the wide variation in the severity of this condition, it is important to have a foot specialist perform a thorough examination. Progression of this deformity can lead to other problems including bunions, hammertoes, and tightening of the Achilles tendon and calf muscle which can lead to even further problems.

Symptoms commonly associated with flexible flatfeet include:

  • Moderate to severe pain in the arch, heel, and ankle, or on the outside edge of the foot
  • Shin splints
  • Rolling your ankle over when you walk
  • Overall sense of aching and tiredness in your foot and leg
  • Lower back, hip, or knee pain

A comprehensive physical exam including imaging studies will be performed to assess the severity level of your flat feet problems.

Treatment options may include:

  • Ibuprofen or other NSAIDS to treat pain and inflammation
  • Losing weight to relieve pressure on the arch
  • Changing your activity level to avoid repetitive strain on the arches
  • The use of arch supports or other orthotic devices
  • Physical therapy
  • Immobilization with a boot
  • Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases

If you are currently experiencing flat feet problems, the foot specialists at Havertown Podiatry, in Havertown, PA are experts in all aspects of foot and ankle care and will be happy to assist you. Our team of doctors is dedicated to serving you with all of the latest diagnostic equipment and services. Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to make an appointment by calling 610-449-3344.

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