3 Foot Hazards of Moving Day

Spring and summer are popular times for moving.  With the combination of heavy boxes, unwieldy furniture, and tight spaces, it’s no wonder that many people suffer some sort of injury during a move, especially one involving the foot or ankle. Being aware of the possibility of these types of injuries will hopefully help you to avoid them.

Three of the most common causes of moving related injuries are:

#1. Dropping a heavy object on your foot—It can be difficult to maintain your grip on some of the heavy boxes and oddly shaped objects encountered during a move. Dropping something heavy directly on top of your foot can cause a fracture to a toe or a delicate metatarsal bone.

#2. Pulling a muscle, or overstretching a ligament—Pulling or pushing on large items of furniture significantly increases the pressure on your feet. Twisting ankle ligaments, or overstretching the Achilles tendon on the back of the heel can occur. Not only are these injuries extremely painful, but also are likely to put you out of commission for several weeks or more.

#3. Tripping and falling—Carrying large, heavy, or bulky objects over uneven surfaces, and up and down stairs, creates many opportunities for an accidental slip and fall. Stumbling while helping someone carry a piece of furniture, for example, is a perfect way to wrong foot yourself, resulting in an ankle sprain or break.

You can help to reduce your chances of getting injured on moving day by following some common sense advice which includes taking your time, knowing your weight limit, and keeping pathways clear to avoid tripping and falling.

If you are currently experiencing an injury from a moving day mishap, the foot specialists at Havertown Podiatry, in Havertown, PA are experts in all aspects of foot and ankle care and will be happy to assist. Our team of doctors is dedicated to helping you with the latest in diagnostic equipment and services. Please contact our office with any questions you may have or to make an appointment by calling 610-449-3344.

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