Surgery a Possibility for Heel Loving Celebrity

Victoria BeckhamCelebrity Victoria Beckham is notorious for wearing heels for every occasion, even if it takes a toll on her feet. According to an insider that informed British magazine Heat, “Vic’s been advised that her treatment must be done on both her feet ASAP, otherwise, in less than two years, it could cause serious problems”. As a result of her decaying feet, Beckham might undergo surgery to correct her bunions. “She’s relenting and saying she would be swayed to do it this winter. At least at that time of year, it’s easier to keep her feet under wraps and wear flats,” an insider said. If Beckham’s feet are not taken care of, she may not be able to wear her beloved heels permanently.

Having bunions can be a painful experience, but they are often treatable. If you’re seeking relief from a bone deformity like bunions, you can contact a podiatrist like Dr. Bruce G. Greenfield DPM of Greenfield Podiatry can diagnose your problem and help to minimize your discomfort.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is formed of swollen tissue or boney growth enlargement, usually located at the base joint of the toe that connects to the foot. The swelling occurs by the bones in the big toe shifting inward, which impacts the other toes of the foot. This causes the area around the base of the big to become inflamed and often painful.

Why do Bunions Form?

  • Genetics – susceptibility to bunions are often hereditary, particularly among Caucasians
  • Stress on the feet – poorly fitted and uncomfortable footwear that place undue stress on feet, such as heels and stilettos, can cause bunions to form

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