Kobe Bryant ‘feels strong’ and Hopes to Bounce Back from Achilles Tendon Injury

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has been faring well in his road to recovery. Bryant, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury said, “It’s feeling really strong. I can walk without a limp...I can go up the stairs and just stand on my toe, which shows a lot of strength in the tendon.”

While Bryant hopes to return to the court in October, it’s more likely Bryant will return in November or December. “I can adjust my game,” Bryant said. “That’s why I can play through injuries, swollen ankles or at a loss of speed. You just adjust. I don’t think it’s reinventing the wheel or anything like that. If you have to play a slower game, you play a slower game. If you have to post up more, you post up more. If the explosiveness and speed is there, then it’s there and you use it in moderation.”

Dealing with an Achilles tendon injury can be an “unbearable frustration” and a painful ordeal. However, an injury like this can be managed and taken care of by a podiatrist like Dr. Bruce G. Greenfield DPM of Greenfield Podiatry. Dr. Greenfield can examine your Achilles tendon, determine the severity of your injury, and work with you to provide the appropriate treatment options.

What Is the Achilles Tendon?

  • The Achilles Tendon connects the foot’s heal to the lower leg and calf muscles
  • It is the strongest tendon in the human body
  • Movement that involves the legs such as walking, running and jumping are facilitated by the Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is at risk for Achilles tendinitis or an Achilles Tendon Rupture. Those at risk for incurring either type of Achilles tendon injury include athletes and people who generally overexert themselves during physical activity.

Achilles Tendinitis Symptoms

  • Tendon thickening
  • Inflammation
  • Dull to Severe Pain
  • Slower Movement Time
  • Increased Blood Flow

Achilles Tendon Rupture Symptoms

  • Caused by tendon ripping or snapping
  • Treatment and recovery time may take up to a year
  • Both surgical and non-surgical methods are available

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