Runner Forced to Retire Due to Aging Body

Running Shoes70 year old runner Bill Fornoff  made his official retirement from running. Fornoff, who has enjoyed running for 37 years, has notably competed in 76 marathons and 56 ultramarathons.

Unfortunately, Fornoff will require surgery. This surgery has forced Fornoff to accept that he can no longer partake in his pastime like he did during his younger years.
“I understand that’s the end of running,” he said. “But it’s time to do it.” Fornoff made his announcement on Thanksgiving Day of this year.

Keeping the feet healthy is vital for those in their older years. If you want to maintain good foot health, contact podiatrist Dr. Bruce G. Greenfield DPM of Greenfield Podiatry.

Gerontology and Foot Care
Helping Elderly Patients Take Care of Their Feet

While people of all ages should be aware of potential foot problems, it is especially true for the aging and elderly populations. Medical conditions and physical limitations that develop slowly as we age may prevent people from being able to monitor their foot health. This can be due to poor eyesight, and not being able to see or detect developing situations. Neuropathy can reduce feeling in the feet, and can hide a variety of potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Reduced flexibility may prevent proper toenail trimming and foot cleansing, and may lead to some of the following medical problems.

What Can Cause Foot Sores?

-Caused by wearing shoes that do not fit well.
-Injuries that have gone unnoticed, or sustaining open cuts and bruises.
-Pressure on the foot which can lead to sores, or standing for too long.
-Insect or pet bites that can become inflamed or infected.

Why it is important to take care of your feet

-Diabetes, poor circulation and various neurological diseases and general loss of sensitivity over the years can turn a simple cut or injury into potential cause for hospitalization.

-Feet are susceptible to infection due to contact with surfaces that are filled with bacteria

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